A Tisket, a TASKet

10 12 2007

I have been engaging in a small variety of tasks lately. This may be a coping mechanism but I think it’s just a lack of energy to engage in anything really different or challenging. The task list is as follows:

* Teamfortress 2 (Pyro Zerging or Engy Camping)
* Rock Band (Online Singing)
* Browse Bookmarks
* Lie Down, Watch Tivo

Aaaand that’s it. I pretty much shuffle from one task to another randomly and don’t do much of anything else.

That’s gonna have to change when next week’s vacation rolls around. Read a book, watch a new movie, work on a game, go somewhere new in SL, play the REST of Orange Box, re-re-revive iai, poke Eternal Sonata, something out of the ordinary. I tend to prefer getting jammed into comfortable and repetitive activities and that’s a fault to overcome.

One more week of career mayhems, and I’m off to the races. I just hope I can make something of the time and not feel like I slacked off. Slacking’s fine but slacking in a manner that keeps the boat level and slow instead of zipping around on waterskis going ‘Whee!’ is not quite what I had in mind.

Boring LJ entry done.




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