Death is Inconsiderate

1 12 2007

My grandmother may be dying. She was hospitalized on Friday, and things have been touch and go ever since.

I’m uncomfortable with this on many levels. On the selfish, inhuman level I feel lousy about (I just came off semistressful family trips all of the last extended weekend and work stresses and here we go again argh), and on a compassionate, human level I want to cultivate (this isn’t fair to her, having it hit so fast and possibly not give her a chance to even say goodbye — and I love my grandmother and I just want her to be happy and comfortable, even though death is an eventuality).

I’m never very good with this sort of thing. With everything up in the air, I’m a bit of a jumble right now. I’m just.. playing games, watching videos, trying to keep myself going and entertained until more news comes in. What else can I do?

Might be departing for the airport at any time/day. For my selfish sake and her very real sake, I wish this sort of thing could be more planned. It’s just… it’s massively unfair, all around. She deserves better than this randomness and variable loaded scenario. We all do.




8 responses

2 12 2007

Yuck. My condolences, Twoof.

2 12 2007

Ouch. Take care, man.

2 12 2007

My best wishes to you and Jen.

3 12 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

In HX1? He should be at a table on the side. It’s been months since I ever looked at those games, so I dunno… and NWN may have patched in features that add bugs, unfortunately.

3 12 2007

My thoughts are with you and your grandma. Take care.

3 12 2007

I’m sorry, man. :/ I hope things improve for her. *crosses fingers*

3 12 2007

I will keep you in my prayers

3 12 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Use the provided walkthrough. I don’t know this stuff offhand and this really is not a good time, sorry.

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