Novemberween Is Finally Over

26 11 2007

A four day crawl of social appointments and large dinners has come and gone, and my frayed nerves and protesting gastro-intestinal tract couldn’t be happier.

Thursday we drove up to the relatives for Thanksgiving, Friday I had work obligations, Saturday we drove out to a friend’s place, Sunday relatives came over. Every day save Friday followed the same pattern… a dozen people under one roof with fatty snacks and piles of meat and cakes, then a few hours of Rock Band, then lack of sleep because I had to wake up early to repeat the process.

I am grateful to have friends and family, don’t get me wrong, and I wouldn’t want to cancel any of those days. I just wish I could edit time and space to put MORE days between those days for rest and recovery. My socially averse nature depowers me in the aura of effect of large gatherings. I draw power from peace and quiet and self direction. So, drain, refill, drain, refill… that would’ve gone better than drain, drain, drain.

During my evenings, likely much to the chagrin of those living in the house with me, I was belting out rock music. I cleared the guitar tour on medium, and vocal tour on medium as well. Singing these songs was fun as hell — the only two that really gave me trouble were Fallout Boy (because I don’t know the song and it was so cheesy poppy stupid) and Rolling Stone’s “Gimmie Shelter” (because Mick was singing in no earthly register). Even supposedly difficult songs like Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” fell before me and were ground into paste beneath iron hooves compared to the emo and the Stones.

Now that I’ve finished the tour and made my Dudes, I anticipate Rock Fervor fading a bit. Which is good, because I need downtime, I haven’t touched CoH in over a week, and have a Child’s Play charity event to prep for. Although it’ll be incomparable to the madness that is Desert Bus for Hope, which you should go look at right now.




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26 11 2007

Aw, you’re done already? My copy of Rock Band has been trapped at a friend’s house, due to a tragic red-ringing of my xbox. I did manage to knock the ball out of the park with vocals on Don’t Fear the Reaper, though. That one’s fun!

26 11 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m not really “done” with the game, per se. I’m just done my solo tours, and thank god for it, because the grind to unlock everything was getting annoying… and playing a song in multiplayer didn’t knock it off your list in solo. Now, I can do multiplayer sessions purely for fun, without worrying about a neglected and unfinished grind waiting for me to get back to work.
I may ‘grind’ a little more to make a variety of singers/guitarists, but that doesn’t take nearly as long unless you want some insane-o GWAR costume. I usually go for street clothes.

26 11 2007

It’s kind of sad when you have to refer to the bulk of the game as “work”.

26 11 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It’s fortunately only half work. It’s not like they make you play the same songs repeatedly… it’s just that you have to play 45 songs! Holy crap that is grating when you’re doing it vocal style… I had to take frequent breaks to get water, stretch, etc.
On the whole I would’ve rather everything be unlocked and I get a lump of cash from the outset, so I could go off and enjoy the game freeform. Then have the quickplays and online runs give you more money. I guess though that without a series of game-y hoops to jump through, some folks would lose interest…

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