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24 10 2007

Guitar Hero 3 demo review! Pheonix Wright 3 didn’t hit last night, so I’ll have to wait until tonight to play it. Foo. Copypasta and condensed from my post on the Rock Band boards…

ART STYLE: Not a fan of it. It’s too gaudy and color-blasted, completely over the top and down the other side. The character designs are hideous… the originals were cartoony enough, but they’ve gone and made them MORE cartoony. I really prefer how RB dialed back the exaggeration, to make cartoons that have a slightly more serious tone to them.

(This problem carries through the whole game, really… every aspect of the presentation screams out “game” and not “music”. It’s too silly. It’s clear that a bunch of gamers made this, not a bunch of musicians like Harmonix is composed of, given how they decided to emphasize the “Hero” instead of emphasizing the “Guitar”. I guess they figured the Guitar would take care of itself, and it does, but the trappings are pretty lame.)

NOTES (Demo Only): The only one that really worked for me was Evenflow, and I suspect that’s my early 90s roots showing since I already knew every scrap of timing and wobble in the original guitar. The Metal’s another I’m very familiar with but at times it felt like it was being made artificially difficult; a simple section could be insane-o with layered / skewed chord layouts. The others ranged from blah to bleh.

COVERS: Gh3 has way more covers… and if their flat, dull cover of Rock You Like a Hurricane was any indicator, hooboy. The vocalist lacked all the emotion, the snarl, the passion of the original. Yes, it’s cheese metal, but that’s the point — it’s CHEESE METAL and it needs to sound like it. This guy was phoning it in and it really watered the track down.

What did I like, then..?

Well, Evenflow was a distinct moment of awesome. It flowed, felt right, and having a non-cover really, really helped after dealing with the pain that is Kurt Fauxbain in GH2’s “Heart Shaped Box”.

And… um…

It’s a guitar game? Those are fun by default. The trappings may not be the best but if you throw enough tracks at the wall, eventually enough will stick to keep you coming back. It’s not like I adored every aspect of GH2 or allt he songs there, either.

I’ll still pick up Guitar Hero 3, since I happen to have a lot of cash right now and I would enjoy playing A Music Game in general, regardless of what it is. It doesn’t suck. It’s just not that great and it’s obvious that Neversoft isn’t “getting it”. They’ve made a passable expansion pack which will be enjoyable to pound on for awhile, and that’s it.




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24 10 2007

Guitar Hero 2 and 3 sucked because one of my friend-ish people didn’t provide vocals for it like he did for the first one!

24 10 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I cannot argue with your logic!

24 10 2007


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