In Which We Finally Post SL Screenshots

16 10 2007

Months ago I said “I’m not gonna be afraid of SL-sucks-bleah backlash, I’m gonna talk more about my projects and post screenshots!” and then I never did. So, here are screenshots.

LJ’s scrapbook autoresizing and gallery feature, don’t fail me now! Go here to view. Included are shots of the recently redesigned shop, the iai bookshelf, the new games, and Cruise Control.

So, ya like?




3 responses

17 10 2007

Very cool pictures. I love your arcade games.
On another subject, I was wondering if you’ve played though portal a second time with the developers commentary on? I’m up to level 18 but went back and started playing though it with the commentary on and its really interesting stuff about why they did certain things. The commentary for Episode One was good as well.

17 10 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yep! I played through once without it, and once with it. A lot of it was dry — “We found players did X in playtesting, so we did Y” summarizes 80% of it — but it’s still a fun listen and worth another play through the game for.
I’m doing the challenge levels now. The first few were a snap, but the one with the turrets in cages is proving a problem… I get that I need to sneak past them, but when I start facing multiples and sneaking doesn’t work, it’s all about crouchwalking and box blocking and I’m not so hot at that.

18 10 2007

Your screenies are nice but the shop is fantastic!
I’m surprised Jen even lets you in there if you leave half-eaten food laying around! :)

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