Dead Tired (But OK)

12 10 2007

Came home last night after a Long day at the office capped with trekking out to the barber shop for a haircut. Not a trivial thing for me — I can’t sit in a barber’s chair, so I gotta stand there on the floor while the barber goes snippy snippy. On arthritic leg joints. I medicated up prior, to be safe, but even so I was tired and achy and ready to crash by the time I finally got home and had dinner and was all done my day’s obligations.

So, crash, zzzz. I don’t like taking evening naps like that because it’s a bad use of my limited free time… but my body knows when it needs one and it’s gonna have one whether I like it or not. On the plus side I was able to wake up on time today to face One More Day ‘o work prior to the weekend.

Cruise Control is playing GREAT. It’s very similar to the old Pole Position recreation, with two notable exceptions:

1. You aren’t racing in lock-step for points. Before, being in the green = points, red = less/negative points, and everybody moves from segment to segment together. Highest score wins. Now, I inverted that a bit… everybody races independently, and how fast you get “through” a segment is based on points. So, the winner truly is the one who gets through the course first.

2. The car has ‘turning sprites’. Even in 2.5-D retro racing games the car would look like it was turning, to provide visual feedback that you are in fact turning the wheel. My old PP lacked this because at the time, I didn’t know a computationally cheap way to do it. Now I can, and that little bit of feedback makes ALL the difference. It’s clear to the player that their frantic holding down of arrow keys IS doing something, even when fighting against a turn’s drift.

This is the most complicated game I’ve done to date, since it relies on networking with the Race Tracker to distribute track data and determine winners. The actual driving bits were just repurposed/modified Pole Position code and were running within two days. I’ll be glad when it’s done, but highly satisfied with the end product.

Then, as noted, I’mma takin’ a break from big SL projects in favor of enjoying my life and various games. Woot. This weekend I plan to spring some COH RP on folks, for instance. It’s my first actual RP effort in as many weeks/months as I was lying low. Wish me lucks.




3 responses

14 10 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Weird. Meh, I’ll just post the artwork. It’s been long enough that it doesn’t matter as much about the unlocks.

14 10 2007

There’s some serious yum there.

14 10 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yeah, I’d blame your software on that. ZIP passwords are pretty standard issue. Maybe there’s another mac-based program that can handle it?
Those pics represent all the unlocks.

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