Goth Girls Dancing Like Robots

1 10 2007

MySims is a definite pick-up. I can’t put my finger on WHY, though.

It’s a dreadfully simple game with zero depth. Person A wants you to build Thing Q. So, you do. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Done.

And yet… it’s fun. Wandering around your superdeformed town, talking to the superdeformed people, watching spontaneous activities break out amongst the NPCs. Watering trees, mining for fish, gathering up raw materials for future texturing. And finally, slapping together basic shapes to make neat looking furnii and adorable houses. All of this wrapped in an aesthetic of gentle, no-pressure fun.

You can’t share your town online to show it off, which is disappointing — also, most NPC interactions other than “Be nice” and “Be mean” offer no tangible rewards, and Be Mean actually works against your efforts. It’d be nice to have more minigames and more things to do. But all things considered… it’s still fun. It shouldn’t be fun given how shallow the game is, and yet, the fun, it is there.

Some quick examples:

I finished up the DJ turntables for Club Candy. Immediately several residents showed up and started grooving… notably, Violet the Goth Girl, who wears an ankle-length black dress and wanders around sighing all the time. And she was doing the robot. Complete with a little @_@ expression during the “breakdown” part of the dance.

Similarly, I was out fishing for crab and octopus in the Japanesey town area, when I heard some thumpin’ music. I was like, huh? This area doesn’t have any background music… I put the fishing pole away and turn around and… spontaneous dance-off! Someone brought a boombox and they were taking turns doing dances. I joined in and unfortunately, I got served, as my sim did this lame little whiteboy dance number.

Vic Vector’s tasks all come with geeky in-joke reference laiden descriptions. “Vic’s given you blueprints for an arcade game! Hope you like them, because they’re bind on pickup.” “Dude, thanks for the game! You are like a +4 Sword of Awesomeness personified!” Also, he has a complete D&D style miniatures tabletop game in his bedroom. Hah.

Overall the game is what it is. I guess I’m juuust over the threshhold of tolerating lack of depth in favor of fun. So, I shall be buyin’ it this week. I can’t wait for the holidays.




7 responses

1 10 2007

Sounds kinda fun, actually.

2 10 2007

fun > depth
fun > depth, this ancient video game gods have taught us. Look at Tetris; Why are you dropping blocks? Where do the lines go? It doesn’t matter, its fun.
OT: Your email is broken, as far as i can tell.

2 10 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: fun > depth
I know. We’ve got a support ticket in but it seems deader than a doornail.
I rarely use my email, frankly, so I don’t miss it all that much. I have a gmail account I can use which is less gimmicky and hard to spell, which I’ll probably be switching to full time. It’d be nice to get less spam.

3 10 2007

CoH Issue 11 was announced:
Almost ALL player requests.
Power-Customization, 2 new Melee Powersets (Willpower and Dual Blades), more new inventions, and Flashback system which adds new badges, a couple new arcs, and the ability to play story arcs you missed.

3 10 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: I11
Indeed, it is BAD ASS. More than I was hoping for. I just hope they buff Assault Rifle a little to make it more appealing, considering it got a ton of customization options… but still underperforms.

3 10 2007

Re: fun > depth
Can you tell me your gmail (mine’s doodle777 at i have some more unreal estate corrections i want to send you (i’m sure you’ve forgotten UE, but i still <3 it :) )

3 10 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: fun > depth
Actually, send them to She’s doing the editing on the chapters.
My pixelscapes email seems to have come back up today, given all the spam I have now…

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