25 09 2007

It’s been a weird subweek.

Posted a partial iai draft to… I won’t say “crickets” but I could hear the gentle evening breeze, at least. Maybe I should’ve held it back until I had more written. Haven’t been too motivated to work on it again.

Haven’t been too motivated to do much of anything, in fact. Jen and I cooked up a shared spreadsheet of various projects, and despite it having a lot fewer S’s than J’s I felt very blargh and restless yet apathetic, unable to get much done. All of that culminated in a lousy, lousy Sunday night where I literally could not fall asleep until 2:30 due to being hot, uncomfortable, and feeling blargh in general. I hate insomnia and indistinct quasi-illness.

The one bright spot in this morass of gray and suck is that last night, we got to enjoy new Robot Chicken (meaner and less funnier than usual) new Metalocalypse (meaner and as funny as usual) and Heroes (more solid than I thought it’d be). ’twas a fine media fest, and after some initial shuffling about attempting to find comfort, managed to get to sleep.

This is possibly the most boring LJ entry I’ve done in awhile, and I’ve done some boring ones. I’ll stop here.




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25 09 2007

Bah, it’s not bad to get a “This Is Where I Am Now” post. Heck, it’s the whole POINT of things like Twitter.
Still working my way through IAI. I know, it’s not like there’s a vast archive yet, but I’m a slow net-reader. :) Naturally, I’ve got an idea for story that probably will minorly break one of your core concepts… but now that all my contributions are officially FANFIC, YOU CANNOT STOP ME!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!
…it’s not so bad as all that, really. I might have to run it by you even before putting it in “drafts”, though; don’t want to confuse people…

25 09 2007

Aww, don’t feel bad — change of season, some days are just slow, etc. Actually sounds like a lot. If it were possible for my life to go poof and never be fun again when I felt unmotivated…wow…I’m not sure I would’ve made it past 5 :)

25 09 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Wow, someone from S_Lers followed me to my own journal. :) *wavewave* Hi!

25 09 2007

Indeed…”Hello” :)

25 09 2007

It’s been a long week.
Self-motivation has been an…issue for me, too.

25 09 2007

It took me a little while to read through both of the Gears stories, so I forgot to post:
Need more story! Don’t stop there! ;-)

25 09 2007

Cheer up, emo kid. :,(
I was just talking about the Heroes premier with Mr. Boyfriend. There are a bunch of things I don’t get. Like… I thought Matt Parkman and his wife were good? And they were havin’ a Matt Jr.? I thought Nathan won the election. Why does he look like Bin Laden?
I’ve just gotten to the point in Eternal Sonata when Salsa joins the team. Her plus Viola plus Retto equals EASY PEASY KILLS! >:D
When am I gonna play your venue, hmmmm?

25 09 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yeah, those are two oddities — Matt’s divorce and Nathan’s steep drop. I’m guessing they’ll get explanations, given this series usually postpones going into details like that to add some mystery and wtf factor.
We had to postpone September’s beach event because of various RL factors; according to Geoelder, who’s been championing it, we’ll be doing it in October. You’ll want to get in touch with him. We’ll be able to better support it this way — planning on making a new beachfront stage and taking down Rock ‘n Rollers (which was an interesting idea, but I don’t have time to run a venue business!).

26 09 2007

I read through the latest iai instantly. I was pretty much just waiting for the final to comment though.
Please don’t take silence to be apathy!

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