iai draft: Death by Chocolate

20 09 2007

Finally, I have sat down and written words that form sentences that form the first third of a short story! …honestly, I need more courage. This wasn’t that hard to do, I just needed to sit down and DO it.

The story’s called “Death by Chocolate” and is a Sprocket / Melody tale, this time told from Melody’s perspective. (The prequel story to this one, which has a title too long to retype here, was told from Sprocket’s perspective.)

Feedback is welcome — I recommend posting it here instead of on the page, since feedback’ll get wiped anyway once the story goes final.

Edit: Since it looks like Sprocket/Melody are getting their own series, as it were (albeit one of episodes, not an uberplot) I’ve given it a name. It’s called the Gearsongs series, and also, I’ve renamed the first one to The Burnout Factor. Not the best title, but it’ll do, and more importantly it’s SHORTER than the massive parody title and fits into my SL based iai library easier.

Edit #2: The SL library is now available at Seven’s Selections! We’ve finished textures and the books are available in the corner of the shop. The basic white edition is free — the author-signed black edition is be L$150, which is a US$0.60 donation to the author. Both are the same, just different textures. Enjoy!




5 responses

21 09 2007

Looks great to me! :) And I love that we finally also get to see how the Echoes experience their trances.

23 09 2007

question… why do all the comments on The Burnout Factor story look like advertizing URLs to me?

23 09 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Spam. :P We removed the comment field and yet they’re still able to post it… we’re trying to investigate HOW that’s possible. We may have to completely lock the wiki to public edits.

23 09 2007

I thought it had a pig part flavor.
If there’s an Ikon of Marketing, I am gonna hunt it down and KEEEL IT. Over, and over, if necessary.

23 09 2007

I’m glad there something new to read.

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