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14 09 2007

Been doing a variety of random stuff this week. Prepping a portable library in Second Life for iai, notably. It’s a wearable attachment (a snazzy lookin’ book) with a nice animated pose for reading… and it also connects to a virtual story server to pull a fresh list of stories each time you use it.

I’m planning to cross-post all my finished iai stories to SL with this thing. It’s free, of course (since the stories on the website are free) but I’m making a Signature Edition with black-and-gold motif that’s signed by myself for L$100 (US$0.40) for folks who want to make a donation-to-the-author. There’s no difference in the free/signed editions other than looks and gratitude, of course.

If any iai writers want their fanfic listed on this service, let me know. It’s a pretty simple matter to ‘port the wiki stories over, if they aren’t formatted too fancily.

I’m plotting out my next iai short story. It’s a Melody/Sprocket story! I’m still wrangling the plot details — there’s a number of things Sprocket would not want to be involved in that I gotta involve her in — but I’m sure I’ll work it out. Measures of Solace also had roadblocks like that, and I got through them. As for what the story is about, let’s just say the working title (which will be changed) is “The Adventures of the Gorean Ice Cream Truck”.

On the gaming side, I’m pondering getting MySims. It’s getting favorable reviews, lacks the micromanagement of the REAL Sims and the constant demands of Animal Crossing. Problem is the controls. Crips like me can’t do nunchuck+wiimote foo. MySims is hardly timing focused, so that might not be a problem — I can slowly fumble them a bit — but if it needs precision tilting or any of that stuff, no way. We’ll see.

Edit: Whoa! Eternal Sonata hits next week! Forget MySims, I’mma gettin’ me some beautiful musical action packed JRPG funs. I LOVED the demo and the reviews that are coming in praise it — the only downsides are linear story (JRPG, yo) no character customization (JRPG, yo!) and such. So what? It rocks.

I’ll probably put MySims on my birthday pull list or something, if it’s good. I usually relegate the Birthday/Xmas corridor to Gifts I Would Enjoy But Probably Wouldn’t Drop My Own Money On. The reason for this is because if a game comes out that I really want, well, I’m dropping my money on it on release day rather than waiting around, right? Right. Having a real job’ll do that for you. The reciprocation holds true — I enjoy buying things for my family and friends that they want. ^_^

In fact, probably for the best, since ES will take a bit of time to play through… and my release calendar looks like this:

SEP: Next week, Eternal Sonata
OCT: Each week of the month a new major game release. First week’s clear…
* Second week is Half-Life 2 Orange Box and Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground.
* Third week is Beautiful Katamari.
* Fourth week is Phoenix Wright 3.
* Fifth week (seriously, October is LONG) has Guitar Hero 3.
NOV: Rock Band on the 20th, that’s all.
DEC: Nothin’.

So basically, next month is packed with new games. And I need to play them on and around my existing fixations on COX and Second Life and iai… oi.




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14 09 2007

An amusing thought
You need to start calling it “iai jutsu,” not “iai fu”.

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