Planning to Plan

10 09 2007

I am now wearing pants. Boo hoo. Actually, the sore spot’s healing up nicely and I think giving it a weekend’s rest helped a lot. Neosporin is a godsend.

My goals for this week are…

1. Some progress on Cruise Control. I haven’t released a new game in SL in a long, long time. CC has been in the planning stages for some time now, and you may recall me soliciting (and obtaining, woohoo!) sound samples in this here bloggery thing. It’s just a matter of getting the graphics together and coding the thing.

2. Planning notes for the next iai story. My current thinking is “open to a random page, see what happens”. I need a seed idea to start the process out with. I want to get one more short story under my belt before I resume the Ikonic Cycle series itself.

Ironically, I caught the movie “Casino” on the tivo last night, which makes an excellent model for Andor as a place of wealth, power, and corruption… except it’s a week too late to really influence my latest story. Ahwell. It was nigh hilarious to see the censors try and cope with Joe Pesci in Ubersafe Mode (to the point where they used “freak you” instead of “screw you” because screw would be too naughty)

3. Make a readable book container in Second Life to sell/give away my iai stories in. I had a good prototype last night but the book sculpt itself was kinda dodgy, and the animation for holding it up to read it gave me a cascading permissions error. *sigh* SL permissions suck. I’ll have to make my own animation, it seems.

4. Clear more of Bioshock. I already got accidentally spoiled on a major plot point. *sigh again* This is why I plowed through Deathly Hallows in two days, folks. Because if I moved at my normal pace, I’d never outrace the common knowledge spoiler arena…

After a brief spell of banging on City of Heroes hardcore I’ll probably nudge it aside other than some token weekend work — too much else going on. I did land the Born in Battle accolade for Charly, at least, my only reasonably PVPable character due to the Final Fantasy Adventure Conundrum. (Longtime blog readers will know this describes how a game can reward you for your apparently bad character selection right up until the end, when it pulls out the rug and demands you start all over again because you didn’t know the unwritten rules of the road it chose not to reveal to you until it’s too late.) Anyway, getting the accolade’s enough for me for the moment and there’s plenty of other projects to worry about.




2 responses

10 09 2007

You’re still working on Bioshock? Eep… you’d better avoid my shows until you finish. I wrote a song about it that basically is the spoiler. I call it… The Bioshock Song.

10 09 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Curses! Must… redouble efforts… to enjoy… Keikotunes…

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