Beautiful Katamari and skate. Demo Impressions

22 08 2007

I seem to be blogging damn near every bit of game content I get my hands on. Last night, I picked up two more for the 360, so hey — let’s do this!

Beautiful Katamari was… Katamari. I rolled a ball around and got stuff. 3 minutes later, I was done and… my 360 locked up. Aside from the crash, I guess it was cool… I mean… it’s Katamari. Yay. Etc. Flat joy.

I’d say “I was hoping for more” but honestly, what more does one want from Katamari Damacy? You can only do so many variations on the theme of rolling stuff up. I am looking forward to the online play as a what-a-tweest factor, but otherwise it was pretty much same old, same old. Maybe they could’ve leveraged the 360 better to provide more objects on screen at once? Dunno. The whole thing feels like an exercise more than a mind-blowing wad of fun. Been there, done that, will buy the t-shirt again just because I like the shirt, but it’s not gonna grip me with a fervor like Bioshock does.

Next, EA’s skate. demo. (Lowercase, put a period, done.) It’s billing itself as a true alternative to the Tony Hawk games by presenting it like a sim, and with really unique controls… they’re actually quite intuitive. Flips work like you’d expect, by moving the stick representing your foot control various ways; grabs also like you expect, by pulling a trigger representing your right and left hand and then tweaking the ‘body’ stick around a bit. You even have different “push with your foot” buttons for left and right foot, and it does matter which one you use.

While that’s all very impressive, it’s also stupendously hard to play because the controls are so alien and the timing demands are so PRECISE. Just hopping onto a VERY low rail for a grind trick took me over a dozen attempts and the victory was won by sheer luck rather than skill. No doubt some people will be amazingly good at this… but I’m not. I don’t know if I can chalk it up to general clumsiness due to disability or just lack of skillz, but clearly this one’s beyond me. One technical thing I CAN complain about is the incredibly low camera angle; makes it a lot harder to plan my approaches and figure where the heck I’m going.

So, the end conclusions are “Fun, I guess,” and “Fun for someone else.” Not exactly glowing endorsements.

Tonight: BIOSHOCK. At last. Soon: Working on the Cruise Control racing game in SL.

Edit: Oh yeah, I also got the video for the My Chemical Romance download pack for Guitar Hero 2, to see if it was worth paying six bucks for.

It’s not. The video is nigh hilarious; even on Expert mode, you’re just rapidly strumming the same note over and over and over, until you switch to another note you strum over and over and over. All three songs play this way.

This is my problem with ‘modern’ rock. I’m clearly showing my age, as I am not hip to Kids These Days and their Newfangled Music, but dammit, this is a matter of taste — it’s all the same strummy repetitive poser-poetic crap sound. Bands with names like The Noun, who have song titles like poem names from Where The Sidewalk Ends. It’s vapid and boring and grating on the ears and shove it up your hoohah, I’m not interested. If that makes me an old gramps, then get off my lawn.




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22 08 2007

I was thinking about ways to make Katamari more interesting, and began thinking about strategic katamari fighting…which led to the odd vision in my head of some kind of crossover with the Dynasty Warriors games, and thence madness. Perhaps some kind of random powerup/powerdown effects scattered on various objects?
And while I don’t see any band named “The Noun” it occurs to me that it would be a good idea to name a band as such. Another good band name would be “Pseudonatural Octopus”–the result of insufficient coffee, bleary eyes, and the words “Postmenopausal Osteoperosis”

22 08 2007

*cracks up at your edit*
That’s not a guitar line, that’s a bass line. Pfeh.

22 08 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Here, I found the trailer on YouTube.


23 08 2007

… Wow. That’s… Not impressive.
My sole experience with My Chemical Romance thus far has been “Welcome to the Black Parade”, which has, y’know, searing guitar bits. It may have been a fluke.

23 08 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I don’t mind the epicness of that song — we need more epic, honestly — but it’s still way to whiny-poet for my tastes. All these modern singers are starting to blend together into one pastiche of thin, wearing thrift store oddities, and crooning.

23 08 2007

It occurs to me that both you and your sister should see today’s Penny Arcade, if you haven’t already.

23 08 2007

Holy moly Bioshock lives up to the hype :)
I won’t spoil anything for you (hopefully you’ve managed to avoid all the internet /b/tards and such who spoil everything) but it was well worth the wait

23 08 2007

I SO need that game. ;_;

23 08 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Unfortunately the 360 achievements are spoileriffic, in that they run down the list of every major enemy you kill (including some who at first appear friendly) and apparently a major character change. Stupid developers. Well, doesn’t matter, I’m enjoying it regardless.

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