An Evening Can Just Fly By

21 08 2007

So, I get home, and the Bioshock demo’s STILL not done downloading. I wish I’d remembered Steam would likely have it… the torrent wrapped around 8:30pm and Steam could’ve grabbed it by then, even with a 7pm launch time. But, whatever.

The demo wasn’t all that different from the 360 demo I played. Apparently they added the Incinerate plasmid, but I didn’t find it. What was nice was superior aiming controls, what wasn’t nice was inferior firing controls. On the 360, left trigger = fire plasmid, right trigger = fire gun. On the PC, left button = fire whatever you happen to be holding, right button = toggle between plasmid and gun. I’d rather go “I wanna shoot X, so I click Y” than have to check visually to see which ‘toggle’ I have up and running. There are remappable controls for ‘switch to and fire X’ but they weren’t working on the demo; I assume it’s a bug or just a limitation of the demo.

Now. That said? Game rocks and rocks hard. I got it running at full power, full effects… only about 20fps, though, which is painful when the chaos errupts, so I may have to tone it down when I start playing for reals. But it is very pretty, very haunting, very weird and very nasty. The game IS every bit as good as the hype is saying it’ll be.

…and.. that was kinda it for my evening. I squeezed in a quickie SL visit and a quickie COH visit but otherwise it zipped right along and then was gone. I need more hours in a day. *sigh*

Oh well. Tonight, I get the full game, watch some anime or RiffTrax 300 with Jen/Andy (retail Bioshock can wait, really) and carry on. Monday was kind of a nothin’ day but today doesn’t look so bad… I can cope.




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21 08 2007

I found the Incinerate plasmid in the 360 demo…

21 08 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Huh. I fail at explore, then.
I did miss an entire battle in the 360 version because I didn’t go downstairs to kill the arguing couple. And there was a flamethrower trap I apparently skipped my first goaround because I was cowering in the bathroom next to my hacked turret. c.c
I get the feeling this is gonna be a game with a lot of replayability, as the areas are nonlinear, even if the plot is linear.

21 08 2007

I didn’t find it my first time through, trust me. :) And I didn’t see any flamethrower trap either, but I was also busy hiding in the bathroom with my hacked turrent, along with my flying hacked drone friends. c_c

21 08 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Lucky. My flying hacked drone friends got wiped out by the flamethrower trap. ;_; At least my hacked security camera friends killed a buncha people for me…
I’m playing on Easy mode, mind. Even with the thankfully infinite vita-chamber recalls, I prefer to experience a game, to soak in it, rather than get pounded repeatedly when I hit a challenge I don’t have the “skillz” to overcome.

21 08 2007

Finally played (well, as well as I could) the Bioshock and Stranglehold demos.
Liked both game ideas a lot.
Hated the migraines I got from playing them. *sigh*
I wish Dramamine worked. >.> I REALLY liked the feel of Stranglehold, even if it was (as you said) nigh-impossible to play at points. ^^;

21 08 2007

I now have Bioshock installing. I MOCK YOUR DEMOS. Though if it doesn’t, y’know, *run* on my system, I got nobody to blame.
Almost had trouble, though, because the GameStop guys had reserved me the *360* version, which would not have been helpful… still, they had a few PC copies available, and I went ahead and dropped the extra tenbux on the limited edition.
We shall see how it goes, though it’ll have to be a bit darker outside before I can really put it to the test. Darn screen glare.

21 08 2007

Curse you Americans and your earlier street dates!
*has to wait until Friday to pick up his copy, and even then, will most likely not be able to get it then due to work and other commitments*
We should wage war upon ye and claim your cheaper and earlier games from your smoking corpses! =P

22 08 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Unfortunately I didn’t get mine today, I’ll be getting it tomorrow. Doesn’t matter that much; I wouldn’t have had a chance to even start playing it until now, and after the install, etc, I’d have maybe an hour before bed.
I’ll give it a prolonged play tomorrow night.

22 08 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Sorry to hear about the motion sickness problems, man. At least we’ve got Eternal Sonata coming up soon for solid gameplay without lots of blurry movement.
Still, I plan to wait and read some reviews; if the story isn’t as fun and interesting an experience as the hybrid action RPG combat, I may pass.

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