And he was never seen again.

19 07 2007

Likely last post — likely last internet access period — until I get back from Otakon. It’s going to be a hell day through and through, but at the end of the road is three days of pure yay and glee.

That said, I do have two concerns…

One, Otakon’s changed up their floor layout, and as usual have not provided a map which shows which elevator goes to which room on which floor. Video 1 is… I can’t even TELL how the hell to get to Video 1 given it’s sort of landlocked on the ground floor with no hallway access. Also notably, the Dealer’s Room how has a clearly marked elevator which is right in front of its escalator; are they gonna reverse their usual course and make me wait in the main line to get down there? That would suck on ice. I don’t mind waiting in a Crip Line, I did that last year and it worked okay, but the MAIN line would be impossible to navigate.

Two, Harry Potter spoilers. I’m avoiding the 4chan panel because as fun as 4chan is, it is 97% populated with jackholes who would have no problems ruining book seven just for the “lulz”. They spoiled book six for me, and I really feel it cut into my enjoyment of it to know that XXX kills YYY and spend an entire bookread just waiting to see how it happens. (…there’s probably a statue of limitations on spoilers, but even so.) Even avoiding 4channers, though, doesn’t stop some random dick from shouting it out in public or pictochatting it or whatever… a lower chance, since amongst normal people and not internet goons you’re likely to get a savage beating for doing that, but still.

Other than those? It’s gravy. Some really good events and animes this time around and I’ve got a nice list of stuff to do. Hopefully I’ll walk away with some good dealer’s room swag, too.

Next week… well, first I read HP7. THEN I will be posting some photos of the work in progress Zombie Meltdown and Phrase Invaders games. I finished texturing PI and even got the foundations of its sprite system in place and it’s turned out better than I’d hoped. Also, hopefully COH Issue 10 will be going live — I’m looking forward to pulling Flora out of mothballs to (unfortunately ineffectually) psyblast a bunch of Rikti and make new hero friends.

See you Sunday!(ish)




One response

19 07 2007

Mwahaha… I have the island to myself again… >:D

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