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28 06 2007

Let’s move on. What’s been said has been said. There’s a lot of great gamer news.

Sam & Max Bonus Disc got released today; free for owners of the series. But wait! They ALSO have both a complete soundtrack and a pack of oldschool Infocom style “feelies”! So yeah, I dropped more cash on Telltale. They deserve it. This is quality stuff, through and through.

That wacky Korean piratey explorerery RPG Grando Espada hit beta. I’m tempted. Except I have no time, of course. But the idea of having sexy anime style female nautical sorts — and having a team of THREE of them under my control, so I don’t technically need a team of real people! — is appealing. Masterminds in COV appeal because you’ve got a team, but you can’t customize them… here you can make a trio! Woo! …of course, it’s a Korean RPG, meaning GRINDGRINDGRIND so I probably wouldn’t actually enjoy it, but maybe one day someone’ll come up with a blend of the western Party Control style RPG and an MMO setting. A HeX Coda MMORPG would probably work that way.

Issue 10 hit the test server for City of Heroes. I haven’t extensively played it yet… just a little solo poking at it with Charly and Dusty, and a brief Flora/Megajoule teamup. I fear what an empath + brute would be capable of, and a defender + mastermind would definitely be a tank that does good damage. Or how about tank + stalker, or controller + stalker, able to keep aggro off while the ninja gleefully stabs people? The possibilities are vast!

Of course, I have complaints. I always have complaints.

You’re pretty much fighting the damn Rikti 90% of the time. Yes, that’s the theme of the zone, but consider that the Rikti 1) have more bosses than they should, 2) mez the hell out of you, 3) resist both psi and lethal which are my two main weapons, and 4) drop junk tech salvage. Other than inf and XP there’s little impressive gain to be found here. Merit points are okay, but if you don’t want the costume bits all that’s really worth it is the pet, so, eh. I’ll still do it, since Flora needs a venue to fight in that makes sense ICly, and because I WANT to do villain / hero RP teamups badly, but I do wish there was some variety and some mercy.

I also picked up Frets on Fire, which works with my Guitar Hero controller for the X-Box 360. Problem is, most fan-made songs are like ZOMG EXPERT ZILLIONS OF DOTS LIKE WHOA. Yeah. Um. Have some pity on those of us who don’t routinely five-star Jordan, okay? At least the GH1 imports have all the relevant skill settings. Sheesh.

Finally, we’re getting back to game development in SL. My goal is to get the second gen games DONE and in the kit as soon as we can. I’m a bit tapped for ideas for the kart racer, but otherwise plans are set. Just a matter of getting the art resources in line, and then retooling the code. It’ll take a long time, granted, but at least there’s a definite end in sight on the project and some key milestones.

Signing off. Life is looking up, but not because it’s actively shiny, I’m just working my way out of the muck and back to normalcy. I’ll take normalcy in a pinch.




9 responses

28 06 2007

Granado = NO
There is NO character customization. None, other than armor you get eventually. I think. But your warrior will look like my warrior will look like his warrior. Unless they fixed it, but I don’t think they did.
You know me. I’m there when it comes to pretty games. The pretty is there. But it’s the same pretty as everyone else. :/

28 06 2007

I heard about Grando Espada a few weeks ago. I desperately wanted to play it, until I realized that there was no chance in hell that my computer would ever support it.
So now I still want to play it, but know that I probably never will. :-/ Oh, well. Don’t have the time or the money anyway.

28 06 2007

I too ordered my free bonus disc and miscellaneous doodads! Now to stare at the mailbox until they arrive. I was tempted by the soundtrack because I am an aficionado for spin-off merchandise – but decided that the game-quality rippable oggs worked well enough for me. Also, sound effects, because I have an extremely odd affection for the sound of car screeches, gun fire and giant mechanical Abe Lincolns running amuck.

28 06 2007

Without spoiling too much, let me assure you that you’ll be fighting an awful lot of Nemesis for some of the other Vanguard contacts. There’re more than one, remember?

28 06 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Oh. Well, nevermind, then. Damn.

28 06 2007

A watched mailbox never boils!

29 06 2007

Then I will simply have to employ a BIGGER FIRE!

30 06 2007

Hm. And I’d been looking forward to sending the Lincoln Memorial up against some alien slimeballs.
Well, I hope they re-tweak the zone for the final patch…

1 07 2007

I gave Granado Espada a spin this weekend (after some 4 hours downloading 3.5GB of client).
It’s okay. Lag gets pretty bad a times. The servers are in Asia — English support is primarily for Australia and New Zealand.
That aside? It looks like a fun game. But as I just got a ‘360 (it matches my black MacBook :) and Overlord and a few other games I simply don’t have time for an MMO.

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