Beach 07: The Photo Rampage

25 06 2007

Behold, the gallery!

All the photos I took during the 07 run. Enjoy! Now, I crash. It’s been a hell of a day, but I survived.




4 responses

26 06 2007

Mmmm…. beach.
The “Keep off the Dunes sign brought back so many memories, though, of the days when no one thought about erosion and I used to climb up dunes (knocking a few hundred years of sand down to the beach and into the ocean behind me) and then ramble among the tussocks at the top, occasionally finding the abandoned nests of lovers and alcoholics. Used to fly a kite up there with one hand and write romantic letters to my high school sweetie with the other…
Ah well, all those places fell into the sea more than 30 years ago. Really and truly. I can’t go home again, but I still love the ocean…

26 06 2007

Your lighthouse souvenir is NEAT.
And having context for FB is even more neat. I dunno if we really have stuff like that out here on this coast/at this latitude; if so, I haven’t been there.

26 06 2007

“Dad uses an inner tube and the stairs. I smell tomfoolery.”
He also got his newspaper wet! A noble attempt, but FAIL
“Family members enjoying a sunny day.”
I love it that even though they’re on the deck, they’re STILL holding Wii controllers. :D
Hey, that “rare photo of you” is good!
“…it colors and lights up and spins and shifts and wooooo!”
Heeeee. :)
“PLAID shells. I think these come close enough for government work.”
As I am one of Los Federales, these were, in fact, government work.

26 06 2007

Ooo, you said a BAD WORD!
One of the phrases I’m not allowed to use any more is “good enough for government work”. I now have to say, “good enough for civilian work”, because government work is clearly excellent!
(Note to the uninformed: spouse is lawyer for HUD, so those of you who don’t pay him with your taxes are paying Jen and Toof. None of your money goes anywhere near Iraq. Now you tell one.)

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