Beach 07 Day 06/07: Sunny Side Down

24 06 2007

I finally indulged in a bit of the outdoorsy type relaxations on Saturday. Problem is I’m a very purpose oriented sort; just sitting out there feels like it has no purpose, even if you’re really enjoying the nice climate and the sound of the surf and the cool breezes. (We were blessed with VERY good weather this week.) So that means repeatedly going out there to just… sit around… doesn’t FEEL right.

Now, going out there to get some good photos, to do a one short experiential jaunt into the outdoors? Yeah, that works. So, I strolled on down to the observation deck just between the house and the beach itself, snapped photos, and rested up a bit. Then went back in. Time well spent, believe me.

I haven’t got the photos up yet because it takes time to properly upload and caption them all. Gotta resize, upload, and write up summaries for each one; an unmarked photo dump helps no one, especially not me trying to remember what shot is what years down the line when I look at them. That’s a project for Monday evening; today I was TCBing and settling back into the house and trying not to dread the melting office I’m returning to.

I’m torn on who to blame over that, myself or them. Myself, for not coordinating better to avoid the problem, to give coworker enough advance warning to better sequence events. Or them, for not giving me any chance to take time off without things going to hell because they can’t seem to get along without me and are in a perpetual state of emergency. With the nature of the job meaning a lot of lull time (punctuated by frenzies of chaos) I constantly feel like I need to prove I’m not a shiftless slacker and am a contributing, forward thinking kind of worker, and things like this do not help my case. I pray to a just and merciful god tomorrow will not suck.

Also, any recommends for fun Wii games that don’t need the nunchuck? I have WarioWare and Paper Mario, but beyond that… I dunno. I can’t do these crazy-ass “Waggle the nunchuck while pushing the wiimote forward and holding down trigger #2 on the nunchuck while pressing A and B simultaneously on the wiimote and gyrating your crotch and shouting “HOOOO!” type games. I can’t do them any more than I can do a typical X-Box 360 Game.




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25 06 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Emacs is not a good design model for game control mappings.
Yes. Clearly, vi is a superior model. ^_^
On the other end of the spectrum, the Context Sensitive Action Button bugs the hell out of me.
Agreed. I’m playing Prince of Persia Classic, and while the original had very simple controls, they’ve shuffled around parrying and counterattacking a bit to the point where it’s a timing based context sensitive button mash, etc. It gets a bit confusing.
In the end, and I pray more developers realize this, we need simpler to control games. Depth is not to be found in the 90’s hardkore style of memorizing weird button chords and strings. Depth is found in your gameplay itself; make the game compelling, present a lot of different situations. Don’t make the gameplay based on pausing the game to look up a game function on a chart and then figure out how to time holding L2 while pushing the right thumbstick left and tugging on your ear.

25 06 2007

Don’t know if it’s your thing, but I found DBZ Budokai 2 pretty entertaining for a while. If you can hold a GCN controller/the classic controller, you can play it without difficulty, since you can use those as an alternative to the wtfesquer Wii controls.
I’m just waitin’ on Fire Emblem to get here to buy another Wii game, though, so..

25 06 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I rented one of the Budokai-line DBZ games for the PS2 once. Impressive production values, kinda fun, not worth dropping $50 on. Thanks, though.

25 06 2007

In the end, and I pray more developers realize this, we need simpler to control games. Depth is not to be found in the 90’s hardkore style of memorizing weird button chords and strings. Depth is found in your gameplay itself; make the game compelling, present a lot of different situations.

Damn straight.

25 06 2007

As someone who’s seen game controllers go from stick and one button, to pad and two buttons, pad and four face buttons + two shoulders, etc to the current bead-festooned monstrosities, that diagram is a source of much bitter amusement. And fear.

25 06 2007
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I live in a family of gamers. They play card games primarily, true, but Dad will occasionally wade in the video gaming world… and those zillion-button controllers are the deal breaker, right there.
“How do I do X?”
“You have to press Z and Q and.. no no, not now, you press them later, when… okay, now. Now hit Z and Q.”
“Uh, Y happened.”
“Yeah. Um. It’s kinda hard to explain…”
The Wii cuts through all that crap by providing a (somewhat) intuitive and streamlined interface. Figuring out WHEN to push A or B is a bit of a pain in the ass but once you do it once, that’s all it takes, since it’s so rare.
We’re starting to see a backlash against the mentality that spawned the hellbeast known as the PS3… the mentality of POWER! and BUTTONS! which has been building for decades. In the end, it’s the FUN, folks. Not the complexity of the means of accessing the fun.

25 06 2007

As someone who has to argue, on a periodic basis, that D-pad directions are not just extra buttons you can assign arbitrary functionality to, I concur.

25 06 2007

Just a quick question: Have you /tried/ Twilight Princess? If you have, you might want to try again, and keep something in mind: While this isn’t documented in any way anywhere, the game assumes you’re holding the nunchuck vertical, like a shield handle, rather than in the more horizontal position that feels like a game controller.
In fact, if they’d document that assumption in more games I suspect a lot of troubles with the wiimote would disappear.

26 06 2007

I’m finding Zelda: Twilight Princess to be quite intuitive as far as controls go. The most complex combination is the “back slice” secret maneuver which entails using the stick and A button together to jump/roll behind an opponent followed by swinging the Wiimote to, um, slice the opponent’s back (thus, “back slice”). It’s definitely an easier game as far as controls go than Ocarina of Time.
Trauma Center is simple in concept but it’s turns into a twitch game towards the middle, and later it gets hard. :)

4 10 2007

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