Beach 07 Day 03: Whole in One

20 06 2007

Minigolf! Doctor Who! Thank you, goodnight.

That’s pretty much it for day three. Opened the day with miniature golf, at family favorite Lost Treasure Minigolf. It’s a great course, well kept and with some pretty challenging holes without a ton of wacky kitsch like windmills and clown mouths; the kitsch comes in the form of the ‘treasure hunt expedition’ signs marking supposedly famous places around the course, and the near constant John Williams soundtracks piped over speakers above. Again, photos soon… just haven’t felt a burning need to upload them yet.

I came in middle of the pack, with Andy whomping all of us, and got me a Tollhouse Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich. Yays. Of course, I was horrendously sweaty and nasty by the end, so a shower was called for and welcomed. After that, it was all about lazing about the house.

Finally, we caught up on Doctor Who, watching the last four episodes. Hurrah for recent revelations! I mean, we had it predicted from day one, but watching it play out was great. They’re really working two angles this season, after the generic introductory episodes — the nature of time lords, and using time travel as a tool rather than just a transition. Typically on Doctor Who there don’t seem to be many paradoxes, twists and turns, or any time travel staples… the TARDIS just pops somewhere, they have an adventure, they leave. It’s like visiting a country. Having some Back to the Future style shenanigans is fun indeed, and welcomed.

No special plans for today. Read a book. Watch some movies. Play some games. Just an endless stretch of doing as I please, and resting. VERY welcome.




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